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Business or personal? Whichever it is, we can help you choose and configure your computers, tablets, printers, local network, etc.

Apple Systems

Over the years we have experienced a broad range of different computer systems. Overall we've found Apple systems to be the most reliable, require the least amount of support and last the longest. For these reasons, in recent years we've chosen to limit our advice and support to Apple systems, especially for personal use and for very small businesses such as the self-employed sole trader. Therefore, if you're looking for advice and support for Windows or Linux systems, we suggest that you look elsewhere.

Unbiased Recommendations

When we recommend particular products, we'll always recommend that you buy them directly from reputable suppliers. At no time will we be acting as an agent (paid or otherwise) for product suppliers. This way you'll know our advice is impartial as we do not gain any advantages from our recommendations.

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